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8 Reasons Hardcore Gamers Should Try the Ocarina of Time ROM

You probably had a few questions in your mind and wondered why you should get the ROM chip: Legend of Zelda, The Ocarina of Time. A lot of hardcore gamers are influenced by first-person shooters and open-world games. These are all too common and have actually made great technical and game inroads over the past few years. Fair or not, the prevalence and wide adoption of these games changed people’s expectation in the gaming world.

This can cut both ways. Gone are the days when people just flop down in front of their TV, turn on the game console, and relax—without caring much what kind of game they are playing. At that point, it was mostly just a conversation piece, some sort of shared activity that people engage into bond with each other. It was very easy for people to sit down, play a quick game. After a game or two, the player would get back up and get on with the rest of his or her life.

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Video games, in this past era, were things you do strictly as modular entertainment. You play them, drop them, and play them again. They weren’t supposed to eat up half your day. They weren’t supposed to take up all your focus.

Now, things have completely turned 180°—it’s almost unrecognizable. When you are in a typical American living room with a video game console, you have to stick to certain protocols. You have to know how to get along with people without crossing certain lines.

There are all sorts of video game etiquette and sometimes, dorm mates or housemates find out about this in the worst way possible that can lead to all sorts of trouble down the road. It may seem really small at first, but you’d be surprised how disputes that started from “Who is in charge of the video game console?” or “Whose turn it is?”, can snowball into something else. You don’t want to be in that kind of unnecessary drama.

I raised this as a background because of how the video gaming changed over the years. Playing Ocarina of Time does present a very interesting question in light of these developments, considering that video game “culture” has changed quite a bit. How can games, developed for an earlier time and type of culture, fare in the modern world?

One way to prove this is to try the Ocarina of Time ROM. If you have an emulator, you should get this ROM chip and you get to enjoy everything that this classic game has to offer. The best part in all this is you are plugging into a well-developed game landscape courtesy of the Legend of Zelda.

Make no mistake, when it comes to casual game titles, you can’t go wrong with the Legend of Zelda. It has quite a pedigree and has been developed over the years with a tremendous fan-based located around the globe. It is the real deal, and not some sort of experimental platform game that people just slap together yesterday. There’s a reason why it is one of the most sought-after titles in the whole Nintendo game World Series.

This is why it’s a great title to test the perceived disconnect between games designed for an older game culture and people’s current attitudes. This game was mind-blowing and we felt no sense of disconnect when we tried it out. It’s not like you’re trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. Everything was fairly smooth.

The best part about using the Ocarina of Time ROM is how portable you get. You can play an immersive game, explore the massive game world, enjoy everything it has to offer, and then move on with the rest of your life.

This is quite a breath of fresh air because, during the time of the Zelda series’ initial popularity, people were looking for modular game experiences. People were looking for a relatively casual game that you just pick up, play, enjoy, and leave behind. In other words, people had lived. I’m not saying that they don’t have lives now, but let’s get real here, their lives are greatly influenced by their attitude towards games that require commitment.

Nowadays, people play for hours while saving the game religiously. Otherwise, they are putting the risk of losing the valuable time, effort, and focus that they have invested in the game. In short, games nowadays require an investment.

This is not about the money that’s spent for your Ocarina of Time ROM. I’m talking about something more than that. You’re investing your focus and attention. Something has changed along the way that has dramatically affected people’s relationship with everything that game contains.

As you probably already know, a game contains more than its graphics. There’s a lot more going on than the characters involved. There’s also the game lore, game mechanics, and gameplay. All these may seem like they are disjointed, but truly classic games have a good way of putting all these together to come up with a cohesive experience. And it is this experience that people commit to.

With all this as a background, here are 8 reasons why you should consider trying the Ocarina of Time ROM. Whether you’re the most hardcore of hardcore gamers or just a casual gamer, the truth is that people are looking at some level of commitment to the game that they are playing. The Ocarina of Time kind of upends this because it comes from a distant period of game development, philosophy, and culture.

As you know, one year is like a hundred years when it comes to video game development and video game culture. Now, can you imagine talking about a title that is at least a decade and a half old? We’re talking ancient history, as far as game development and culture are concerned.

Interesting enough, the Ocarina of Time ROM, yielded some amazing reasons why people are drawn to it in the first place. Whether it’s in ROM form, or other forms, here are just some of the value the Ocarina of Time ROM brings to the table.

Impressive targeting

What really makes this game stand out is its targeting technology. Again, when you’re comparing games, it doesn’t make any sense to compare it with a game that was developed a decade after. That’s not fair nor does it make a lot of sense. You have to evaluate games based on the state of technology when they were first released.

With this context, the Ocarina of Time is really jaw dropping. It is quite amazing because even though it is an installment of the Legend of Zelda series—which everyone knows is quite old-it acquits itself really well. It’s impressive targeting actually enables it to produce relevant gameplay even in a day and age where there are many sorts of sophisticated and highly distinct targeting and gameplay technology. Download Ocarina of Time ROM Right Now.Ocarina of Time ROM

Innovative 3D game play

What really made this ROM title stand out in my mind was how it fit its targeting technology to the 3D gameplay. When 3D first rolled out, a lot of people are sceptical and suspicious on the impact of this technology. Many people thought that it was only a gimmick and were convinced that this technology will quickly fade like some sort of bad fad.

Well, the Legend of Zelda installment, the Ocarina of Time really changed people’s minds through its targeting system. It really complimented the 3D perspective that you got in the game. It did not come off like some sort of formula or a cheap trick. It was a nice touch that really brought all the different elements of the game together.

You have to understand, it is a big deal because designing games can inspire in a lot of different directions with no control in your part. This is why it is quite a masterstroke that the Ocarina of Time seemed so cohesive and so well-directed. It definitely took a lot of effort, skill and talent.

Huge World Map

ocarina of time romAnother drawback of older games is that they tend to recycle the same map over and over again. There are supposed to be a new activities taking place in the game. Gamers are supposed to be exploring new places, however, when you look at the backgrounds and the graphical elements, it’s as if they just mixed and matched previous landscapes and are just relabeling things

This technique essentially screws your mind to give the illusion that you are actually in a different place. You don’t get any of those impressions when you play the Ocarina of Time ROM, because it does deliver a huge World Map. It does feel like you really are exploring new terrain—which leads me to my next point.

It never gets boring

In reality, games like the Legend of Zelda thrive on puzzles and challenges, but eventually, it seems like they would start recycling the same scenarios. Well, this has always been the threat of such games. This has always been the open question that many game critics would ask about these types of games. What makes the Ocarina of Time stand out—along with the larger Legend of Zelda ecosystem is the fact that it’s able to produce an experience that never gets old.

It never gets boring because—while you’ve already seen certain puzzle or game segment mechanics before—they’re not so clunky, mechanical and lifeless that makes you feel that you’re just playing the same puzzle over and over again. This game pulls off this concept superbly, that it won’t give you that impression.

While it still uses the same game mechanics—after all, how many ways can you skin a cat—there’s just so many variations of them you can work with. But the way this game makes each puzzle seem like a new experience is really something to write home about. It’s definitely rare when you compare it to other similar games.

It handles Zelda lore quite well

Ocarina of time romThis particular instalment of the Legend of Zelda series, doesn’t feel like some sort of story cul-de-sac.  If you play a lot of super Mario Brothers or casual games that use classic characters from classic franchises you would understand my concern.

It really would suck to play a game that basically just has a surface presentation of lore, and doesn’t deliver much after a certain point. Well, the Ocarina of Time ROM actually handles the Zelda lore quite well, that it presents a fairly integrated story.

Memorable Characters

This review would be incomplete if I don’t at least talk about Navi, Link, and Epona. The point is, it takes the memorable and very likable characters from the Legend of Zelda series and presents them in a great light. It enables us to really wrap our minds around character development, but without getting bogged down by “geek” lore.

A great back story for Ganon

One of the bad guys in the series is, of course, Ganon. But in this particular iteration of the Legend of Zelda series, you get to discover the man behind the man Ganondorf. I’m not going to spoils it, but it is definitely part of what makes this game installment so much fun.

Well thought-out World of Hyrule

One of the biggest attractions of the Legend of Zelda series is Hyrule—the world that serves as the iconic setting of the game. Let’s face it, other game developers can spit out game maps with all sorts of fancy names, but Hyrule feels like a real place because its lore is tightly woven, the characters are well developed, and you can’t help but feel that you are in an actual place. This is of itself is quite an accomplishment.

Given the key features above, it is no surprise this title is a very much sought after title. Whether it comes in the form of a ROM or something else, people are justifiably excited about everything this great game-and by extension, amazing franchise-brings to the table.  Download Ocarina of Time ROM here.Ocarina of Time ROM